Group Classes

Not your average gym class


We offer a diverse range of classes, all designed to give you efficient, fat-burning, strength-building workouts, fueled by the camaraderie of fellow fitness lovers. Our fun, yet challenging group and corporate classes, will push you toward greater levels of fitness, delivering maximum benefit for your time and effort.

How do we do it? By varying the exercises and the intensity to keep the body from acclimating to the same old fitness routine.  Our dynamic instructors will continually challenge you to push beyond your limits.  It's the best way to fast-track your progress and transform your body. It's the perfect compliment to personal training. Your class instructor may also be your personal trainer, which means he will know your fitness abilities and goals, such as, when you might need to take it easy on that knee or post-surgical shoulder, or when you might just be slacking off. All of this makes for a better health and fitness experience.

Body Suspension

Develop strength, while improving flexibility and balance, using bodyweight exercises on our suspension straps. Work every part of the body as you fight to stabilize yourself in the straps, compounding the benefits of every move. A challenging and popular class with maximum body-shaping benefits.


This high-intensity interval training class takes the blending of cardio and strength training to a whole new level. Proven to burn fat and improve muscle endurance faster than traditional workouts, HIIT is a mixture of low weight, high repetition exercises with brief rest periods in between. A demanding, yet satisfying class.


This high-energy class employs old-school exercises using simple, but effective, tools and techniques. Burn fat and calories, while improving athleticism. This class promises significant gains in lean body mass, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Transform your body quickly and efficiently.


Burn fat and build muscle in this 45-minute strength-based class, focusing on the ability to move with power and agility. You are led by your instructor through multiple body-weight and free weight exercises, pushing your strength and muscle development to new levels. Progressively add more weight to your workouts as you build strength.

Pot Belly

This abdominal strength training class focuses exclusively on toning and defining your abs and core muscles. An ever-changing variety of innovative exercises will target upper and lower abs, obliques, hips, back muscles, and glutes to strengthen the core and smaller stabilizing muscles while improving balance and posture.


An Akua ba Strong signature program, our boxing class is the closest thing to being in the ring. Using authentic martial arts and boxing techniques, this class has you strapping on boxing gloves and punching and kicking heavy bags in increasingly complex sequences. Learn how to defend yourself as you tone and gain agility.