About Us

Find out more about our team at Akuaba Strong!

Who We Are

We are a team of highly trained fitness professionals' who strive to give our clients the very best fitness program catered to their age & fitness level.

Our Mission

Our mission is very clear and simple. We give our best to help our clients reach their fitness goals. You will never get a generic, one-size-fits-all workout.

Our Clients

We often train folks with shoulder or knee injuries, & everything in between. Seasoned athletes, fitness enthusiasts, & beginners can all feel at home.

Join us today!

Join us today!

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Our Dedicated Clients

A few examples of our clients and how we help

Men and Women who Want to Get Back in Shape: Lose body fat and improve strength with a fitness routine that's challenging enough to help with weight loss, but not too strenuous. We'll help you tone and strengthen without intimidating machine regimens.

Staying Fit over 40 (or 50, or 60): We'll help retrain your body into its own power, strength, and flexibility. Start slowly if you need to, build gradually, and feel safe and supported along the way.

Doctors and Professionals: Stay in shape—physically and mentally—for your demanding job. Individual workout plans, strength building routines, cross training, nutrition and wellness programs, and a holistic approach to training offer everything your mind, body, and spirit need to stay in peak condition.

People with Special Physical Challenges: We design individual safe and gentle programs, for people who need cerebral palsy, hip replacement, knee replacement, or shoulder therapy. Just what the doctor ordered...

Young Athletes: Think of your body as the machine and Akua ba Strong as your instruction manual! Personal training for developing strength, endurance, power, and a healthy competitive attitude.